Vesalio Medical Centres (or Vesalio medical polyclinic), which are integrated to Vesalio Medical Centre, have always been representing a reference point in private healthcare for Veneto.

Located at the city centre of Padova, known at worldwide level for its university tradition in the medical field, Vesalio Medical Centre (or medical offices of Vesalio Medical Centre or polyclinic of Vesalio Medical Centre) represents the merging point of specialized medical excellence in a forefront structure in terms of techniques, equipment and services offered to the patient. Vesalio Medical Centre indeed, employs the best specialists in different sectors of medicine and surgery: university professors, directors of university clinics, head physicians, and hospital administrators, and self-employed professionals with extensive experience.

The guarantee of rigorous professionalism and the offer of a personalized service (typical of private medical assistance) are the fundamental elements that characterise Vesalio Medical Centre.



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