Vesalio Medical Centre is a medical facility born from the merging of two historic structures located in the city centre of Padova: Vesalio Medical Offices and Prof. Finotti Dental Office. It is with great satisfaction that I present this significant medical facility, together with the medical and paramedical staff: a polyclinic that stands as a regional and national reference pole for the high professionalism which is able to ensure in each specialization.


Vesalio Medical centre indeed, was created based on the wish to propose a private medical service, rendered by different professional figures (universities, hospitals, and self-employed professionals) of national and international calibre, in order to ensure the best performances in response to the needs of the single patient.

The decision to keep the name Vesalio represents an acknowledgement towards Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), researcher and teacher of surgical anatomy in Padova, author of the revolutionary work “De humani corporis fabrica”, which text is enriched by the illustrations of the Flemish painter Jon Stephe von Calcar.

Dott. Marco Finotti
Medical Director
Vesalio Medical Centre

The undersigned Finotti Dr Marco declaires, under his own responsability, that the information is given in full compliance with the guidelines on the application of the articles 55, 56, 57 of the Code of Medical Deontology.


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