Dr. Finotti Dental Centre is a newly conceived structure, based on the synergy of proficiencies: the staff consists of highly specialised dentists able to offer a complete service to the patient, that covers all the branches of modern orthodontics. The Dental Centre was born and has been coordinated by the twenty-year experience of Dr. Finotti, constantly supported by updating courses, at the best international university centres.

Unique in its kind for the high professional specialization, our Centre covers all the patient’s dental needs, with excellent services in reconstructive and regenerative surgery, implantology,  periodontology and maxillofacial surgery, followed personally by Dr. Finotti.

The entire dental activity of the Centre is supported by advanced applicative techniques and innovative instruments, of high technological standard. Dr. Finotti’s Dental Centre pays utmost care to the individual needs of each patient with the purpose to give an effective and personalized response.

The possibility to exploit the laser-therapy in addition to traditional methods, the possibility to undertake painless dental treatments (through local anaesthesia, sedation with nitrous oxide, intravenous sedation, hypnosis, general anaesthesia), the attention and ability to intervene on disabled patients, the aesthetic care of the result, are fundamental objectives for us.

The possibility to finance the dental treatments at zero interest represents a concrete help that our Dental Office offers to its patients and their families.


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