Declaration of adhesion to HONCode principles

1 – The medical information contained on the website has been provided and supervised by professionals in the medical area and elaborated by communication experts. Possible information coming from sources (organizations or people) which are not qualified in the medical field, will be properly and explicitly pointed out by us. Dr. Marco Finotti is the responsable forthe medical information contained on the website.

2- The texts supplied by are only of informative purpose, and addressed to general users. The medical information contained on the website is intended to favour and not to replace the relation between patient and doctor. The information on pathologies and treatments have never to be interpreted as diagnosis or determine the beginning of a treatment: these functions are only ascribable to the reference doctor/ specialist.

3 – operates in full compliance with laws on privacy, applicable in Italy. The personal data provided by the users is treated in a confidential way, limited to the services requested, and it is not disclosed, distributed or sold to third parties. The subject in charge of the data treatment is Dr. Marco Finotti. A detailed description of the privacy policy implemented by our website is available in the note “Treatment of personal data”.

4 – The correctness of the information and scientific data is guaranteed by professional qualification of the authors and the support of the national and international medical literature. Sources and references are indicated in the Bibliography section, in the bibliographic notes included in some pages of the website and inside the curricula of the doctors.The date of the last update of each page containing information of medical character is clearly specified.

5 – Each statement included in the site, concerning the characteristics, benefits and improvements obtained from specific treatments, products or business services, is supported by suitable and specific tests, according to the specifications of previous Point 4 (Attribution Principle).

6 – The authors of agree to transmit the information as clearly and tangibly as possible. The users who are interested in receiving additional information or clarifications, can contact the webmaster.

7 – We inform that does not benefit of any external subsidy from public or private bodies. The website is fully financed by its administrators.

8 – We inform that does not contain advertising banners and does not benefit of subsidies or revenues from advertising.